The AIHS National Health and Safety Conference will be held from 18-20 May 2021.  This years conference theme is: A New Perspective – Rising to the Challenge! 

Running national events throughout 2020 and 2021 means we have to be as agile as possible. The changing face of COVID-19  – new strains, snap lockdowns, and the unknown impacts of emerging vaccines – means that we have to make changes on short notice, to protect and maintain the kinds of health and safety standards people expect from us.

We’ve reviewed the risks associated with the national conference and decided that we won’t be having formal, catered venues in each region from start to finish each day. The conference will be a virtual event held over three days, with registration for the event at the lower cost virtual rate. No matter where you are, you can take your time to view the conference presentations live over two days, and you will have access to all presentations for a further 6 months to view at your leisure.

We have an outstanding list of national and international speakers. The 2021 program will have 3 main session categories:

Mental Health | Culture & Changes | Innovation & Improvement

Each speaker will examine different aspects of the theme, presenting a wide variety of new ideas, innovations and research. With Guest keynote speakers examining the evolving perspectives on the new normal for WHS, lessons learnt from recent disruptions to workplace practices and predictions on how we should prepare to move forward as a profession.

A Virtual ticket will enable you to view the sessions from anywhere. With a excellent online platform from which to learn.

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