Key Note Sessions

Day 1
18 May 2021

Health, safety and the workplace in the post covid world: planning for better outcomes for worker and workplaces in 2020s Australia

The coming of the coronavirus has changed the trajectory of Australia. Not just in relation to trade and security but especially in the workplace. New businesses, new processes, new reporting...
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Bernard Salt

A Decade of Innovation and Getting S#!t Done as a Safety Professional

Wade will share lessons learnt through a series of real-life case studies covering his past 10 years within the construction, mining, government services and agriculture industries including: The important of...
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Wade Needham
Day 2
19 May 2021

Safety is the Key to Operational Excellence

There is extensive evidence that operational excellence and safety are inextricably linked. As a result, from the corporate perspective, safety is, or should be, a value proposition. The experience of...
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David Michaels
Day 3
20 May 2021

Zero Suicides, simple as that

“I want a society where everyone has a Gotcha4Life mate. That go-to person you can open up to and rely on about anything. A world where we can seek help...
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Gus Worland

JIMI: A practical tool for discovering data-driven mental health intelligence

The statistics on mental health and wellbeing in Australian workplaces show there is mounting evidence that construction industry workers are more likely to be at risk of being affected by...
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Zach Humphrey

New leadership in COVID normal – thriving in uncertainty

When crisis hits, leaders on the ground need to stand their ground. COVID-19 has seen extraordinary demonstrations of leadership, as well as many that have left us wanting. What lessons...
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Holly Ransom

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