Mental Health Sessions

Day 1
18 May 2021

Influencing leaders to champion mentally healthy workplaces

Leadership underpins the entire WorkWell program, and integration and partnership are at the core of the leadership approach. This body of work is focused on developing a picture of leading...
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Dr Rebecca Marshall

Bringing Nature into Work for Mental Health

In recent years we have seen increasing emphasis on employers’ duty to prevent psychological injuries in the workplace. There has also been growing recognition of the benefits of implementing measures...
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Dr Geeta Shyam

Safety is an inside Job!

What does it take to deliver a measurable improvement in safety outcomes in an organisation? There are many examples of businesses that have reduced their lag indicators and reduced the...
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Mr Anton Guinea

The Mental Health Pause – an adaption of the Safety Stand Down

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, workforces have been impacted by emerging hazards, none more important than mental health.  After leading from the front for the first 6 months of the COVID-19...
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Duncan Ledwich
Day 2
19 May 2021

When worlds collide: New perspectives on managing work-life conflict

In 2020 every company was forced to consider work-from-home options, and for those where it was possible employers grappled with practical, safety and performance consequences. Employees saw work-life boundaries dissolve...
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Rachael Palmer

An alternative for regulators – using partners to influence psychological safety

Since 2017, WorkSafe Victoria has pioneered the ‘WorkWell’ program (, in partnership with the Department of Health and Human Services, which engages stakeholders in multiple industry sectors throughout Victoria to...
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Jorja Millar

Health and Safety Index: An Integrated Approach

The Health & Safety Index is an online tool that helps organisations understand and target specific areas of focus to enable health & safety improvements that matter. The Health and...
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Mark Wright

The role and function of the HALT worker in Community

As part of HALT’s funding, we are being evidenced and evaluated by Swinburne University over three years to demonstrate the success of the HALT worker in the community. HALT believes in...
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Jeremy Forbes
Day 3
20 May 2021

Primary Producer Knowledge Network: Preventing risks to mental health for farmers and fishers

Victoria’s primary producers (including farmers and fishers) are a vulnerable workforce in industries undergoing significant transition, and experience a wide range of workplace-related mental health challenges. Vulnerability stems from an ageing and reducing...
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Dr Alison Kennedy