Health, Safety and Risk at the Bottom of the World

18 May 2021
14:30 - 15:10

Health, Safety and Risk at the Bottom of the World

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), as part of the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, is responsible for Australia’s operations in Antarctica and sub-Antarctic islands. It operates in a uniquely harsh and unforgiving environment. In 2015, the AAD wanted to improve its Work Health and Safety, and risk management performance in light of changing operational circumstances and external reviews.

AAD worked with Noetic Group to develop a roadmap to enhance its practices. Noetic drew on its experience in high hazard industries in similarly difficult environments such as offshore oil and gas.

Working in a collaborative team, a range of issues were identified, and solutions developed. This joint presentation will especially focus on how the important issues around culture and leadership were approached and address. It will do so by examining implementation by AAD over five years and the lessons learnt. It will also describe how the AAD have sought to apply innovative solutions in improving WHS.

They are now exploring how they will use the Critical Control Approach (being used in the resources sector by some leading companies) in the next round of enhancements to their approach to WHS and risk.