Boom or Bust. Survive and Thrive During Crisis

26 May 2022

Boom or Bust. Survive and Thrive During Crisis

Dreamworld. Samarco. Beaconsfield Mine. Juukan Gorge

The past eighteen months alone have seen more than a dozen corporate crises across Australia and New Zealand, ranging from bushfires, cyber attacks, natural disasters, fatalities and corporate scandals.

These crises adversely impact, people, the environment, financials and reputation and, unless managed effectively, often cost the jobs of senior executives and board members.

Are you prepared? Or are you just hoping it won’t happen on your watch?

Successful leaders don’t simply survive during a crisis – they have the knowledge, resources and tools to emerge resilient and stronger. They thrive.

In Boom or Bust, Grant Chisnall brings together lessons in crisis management from the military and fifteen years of advising executive teams through some of the most significant crisis events in recent corporate history.
These events include:
The Sundance Aircrash
Mining fatalities in Qld and WA
Cyber Attacks
Product Safety Recall
Natural Disasters – Cyclones Harold and Yasi, Floods and Bushfires
Issue Motivated Group activity targeting mining and onshore gas developments