Critical Decision Making for Safety Leaders & Managers

18 May 2021
11:30 - 12:10

Critical Decision Making for Safety Leaders & Managers

To save time, money and other resources in business you need to make the best possible decisions at the right time. Success in your professional or private life depends on your ability to make good decisions. Everything we have and everything we have done in life is because of our decision-making.

This workshop aims to give you the tools, tips, and techniques in a structured way to enable better decision-making in all aspects of your private and professional lives to significantly improve results and outcomes.

The workshop will cover:

  • CDM – what it is, why it is giving businesses and individuals the edge;
  • changing your ‘Mindset’ on decision making in the workplace;
  • how, why and when you need to use CDM;
  • how to deal with fear and other barriers to CDM;
  • critical thinking and critical analysis skills that lead to better CDM in any workplace;
  • top 10 Tips for CDM – Tips & Techniques that really work; and
  • practical exercises