Employee Co-Creation of Workplace Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plans

25 May 2022

Employee Co-Creation of Workplace Wellbeing Strategy and Action Plans

Employees are the experts when it comes to their wellbeing needs at work. Recent research by Deloitte found that the highest return on investment in workplace mental health and wellbeing initiatives, are those tailored to the needs of teams.

Why it’s smart investing in teams and groups in organisations, co-creating needs based mental health interventions, that include cultural change. It’s people who collectively create healthy and safe cultures after all, and it’s teams working together who can deliver such a high return on investment – average of $7 for every dollar spent – on their team’s mental health.
This case study is sharing the journey and stories, of the healthcare workers we supported in co-creating their own workplace wellbeing strategy and case for change, and the associated program blueprint and roadmap to deliver them.

The first, consequential step for the team, is creating a safe, supportive space, enacted by multiple forms of power. The power of invitation, the power of confidentiality, the power of personal story telling, the power of emotional expression, and the power of the co-creation of interventions to protect things that are important to them.
Once these innately human needs and conditions for collective cooperation and change are met, the team co-created their strategy’s vision. Namely, their aspirations for what they will experience as part of a healthier and safer team environment and culture in 2021.

Envisaging the possibilities that exist in the future, meant facilitated conversations identifying what to start, stop and do more of, flow. Providing the insights necessary to create their case for change, that informs their strategy, including the individual but interdependent, change initiatives and interventions.

Please join our presentation to learn more about these, and other steps, for employee co-creation of effective workplace wellbeing strategies and action plans.