In Practice – Risk vs Reward

In Practice – Risk vs Reward

WorkCover Queensland, Queensland’s workers’ compensation insurer, wants to make a positive difference and keep Queenslanders working. While not reducing its focus on return to work, WorkCover has recently added influencing and investing in injury risk reduction into its corporate purpose.

Partnering with industry (employer and union) groups, Queensland’s WHS regulator and other key stakeholders assisted by advice and support through AHIS, WorkCover has launched a series of injury risk reduction initiative (IRRI) pilots focusing on risk advisory/management as well as return to work initiatives.

Some of these initiatives include supporting establishment of an industry wide peer to peer support network for mental health in the transport industry, development of a new patient handling tool for aged care and identification of targeted equipment to reduce the risk of quad bike and forklift injuries.

While ultimate return on investment targets of reduced claim numbers and costs are unable to be measured yet, initial indicators are that these pilots have been successful at least in terms of enhanced industry knowledge and support, extremely positive engagement by participants, and understanding the frameworks needed to enable injury risk reduction in the workplace.

This presentation will provide an overview and insights from these WorkCover Queensland initiatives.