Influence: Ever made a mistake?

23 Jun 2020

Influence: Ever made a mistake?

The session will explore two ways of handling mistakes in organisations – the traditional punitive or zero tolerance approach and the Just Culture approach.

We will explore how an environment focussed on punishing mistakes or deviations from procedure runs counter to human cognitive functioning and actually decreases an organisations resilience and overall safety, as well as its knowledge of how work is actually done vs how it is imagined.

To contrast this, we will explore the work of Just Culture and how accepting that mistakes are a normal part of a system, and NOT punishing them, encourages self-reporting and opens up a whole world of data on operations that is not normally available.

Part of the discussion will involve a description of human cognitive functioning and why mistakes are entirely normal.

In the real world of commercial aviation, and increasingly in medicine and other high-risk industries, a Just Culture approach has led to measurable increases in reporting, communication, error trapping and correction and many other real-world benefits to safety.

Lastly, we will discuss the human aspects of this approach, why it is so beneficial and while supported my large amounts of evidence why we will have to work so hard, to overcome the long history of the punitive approach to error.