Safety is an inside Job!

18 May 2021
13:30 - 14:10

Safety is an inside Job!

What does it take to deliver a measurable improvement in safety outcomes in an organisation?

There are many examples of businesses that have reduced their lag indicators and reduced the impact of safety incidents on workers, and their families. As a case study, TGG were part of a program that reduced injury numbers by over 50% in a calendar year. That reduction resulted in less pain, less business impact, and improved morale for the site, and its workers.

And, those results relied on workforce engagement, and the ability of leaders to create an environment that made it psychologically safe to share thoughts, ideas, opinions, learnings, and opportunities, over a 12-month period, and beyond. The psychological aspects of the program involved engaging workers ‘seeking systems’ (that process where team members desperately want to contribute and to be part of the solution).

The innovative idea that came from that case study, is that as leaders, we need to ‘make safety safe’.

Make it safe to report, make it safe to engage in and make it safe to be part of! That is, creating psychological safety. The Google study (Project Aristotle) from 2015 demonstrates that psychological safety is the biggest driver of high performing teams, and physically safe teams. The more that workers are able to be part of the process, the better the process will become. Ownership drives engagement, and engagement is a result of personal connection (and emotional comfort) with other human beings and with leaders.

Leaders who have a high care factor will engage with their teams. Then, psychological safety improves, and teams buy into the process of preventing injury and harm. The team members have the solutions, they just need to feel safe enough to share them! This session will explain the road map to a psychologically safe workplace.