The Blueprint for Establishing Psychologically Healthy Workplaces – The Next Generation Workforce

25 May 2022

The Blueprint for Establishing Psychologically Healthy Workplaces – The Next Generation Workforce

At some point, with the rise of anxiety and stress levels, employers collectively decided that we needed to try to understand what made employees happy. Employers thought that if we could help make employees happy again, then maybe we would see an increase in company loyalty and achieve better productivity outcomes.

The reverse has been shown to be true.

To create a psychologically healthy and resilient workforce, we must take the time required to understand what constitutes a happy workforce based on the body of evidence that exists within the discipline of behavioural and neuropsychology. As leaders, it is our duty to understand the science behind what constitutes a happy workforce and not be influenced by pop psychology or any other popular trend or model of the day.

What they really need, psychologically, is to feel like they are achieving — and connected to — a common purpose and goal. If we create a workforce environment based on achievement and connection, intrinsic self-worth is a natural outcome and stress and anxiety decreases. When stress and anxiety decrease, employees can access creativity and are more able to see the solutions and opportunities available to them. Achievement increases, as does the desire to work collectively and connectedly.

The key is to understand the difference between a personalised workforce focus versus an objectively focused workforce. Focusing objectively on the collective is vital in building employees’ self-worth and reducing levels of stress and anxiety, which can also help with the prevention and early onset of mental health issues.

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