The role and function of the HALT worker in Community

19 May 2021
14:30 - 15:10

The role and function of the HALT worker in Community

As part of HALT’s funding, we are being evidenced and evaluated by Swinburne University over three years to demonstrate the success of the HALT worker in the community. HALT believes in a whole of community response to suicide prevention which is reflected in the myriad of ways the HALT worker established themselves in communities.

The presentation will give a brief overview of the origins of HALT and why it is an essential service in the tradie community and what is contained in the HALT presentations.

The presentation will also include explaining the different parts of a community that HALT targets, including hardware stores, building sites, factories, TAFE’s, secondary colleges, trade stores and sporting clubs.

The times, locations and support we offer our HALT events and how our HALT workers collaborate with businesses/organisations/community groups to help create mental health plans for their workplace.

Jeremy will also touch on the innovative ‘HALT friendly clinics’ program and how important and critical this initiative is for the community.